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Popular models

Viknes 1030
Length: 10,42 m

Tristan 315 Fly
Length: 8,90 m
Viknes 770 Combi Viknes 770 Combi
Year of Build: 1997
Length: 7,70 m
Price: call
Viknes 880 Viknes 880
Year of Build: 2006
Length: 8,90 m
Price: call
Viknes 880 Viknes 880
Year of Build: 2002
Length: 8,90 m
Price: call

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25/04/07 Viknes
The last «hot» news: recently, on Ukrainian and Russian market was appear the new quality yacht brand. Viknes — is a boats from Norway for hunters, fishers, and the peoples who prefer family cruse as well as the long voyage. Details
25/04/07 Tristan Boats
It’s a Finland shipyard and the experts knows that the Scandinavia’s boats is one of the most quality boats in the world. It’s a strong, safe, well nautical boats with economical diesel engine for all seasons using. They have a covering helm, saloon, several cabins, heater, warm water system and air condition. Even the Scandinavia’s boat about the 10-meters length is the small ship. Details
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